Urban Roots by Baldor Foods


Launching Veggie Goodness

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Baldor Specialty Foods is known for incredibly fresh, high-quality ingredients and serves many of the best restaurants and grocers in the northeast. In an effort to expand their consumer footprint they created the Urban Roots line of veggie side kits. They reached out to Cora+Krist to help them develop their website and help them promote the new line through various targeted social campaigns.

Our team went to work and developed out a digital strategy, and then started the process of designing and developing their website. While we worked on the website we simultaneously deployed targeted social media campaigns designed to grow awareness and drive purchases of the veggie side kits through grocery delivery services in the NYC area.

Shortly after the website launched, Urban Roots was picked up by Whole Foods stores in the northeast and we then set out to create hyper-targeted market specific social media campaigns announcing the line’s availability in their local store.

We love these veggie side kits and thoroughly enjoy working with this brand.

View Urban Roots’ Website

Digital Strategy

The digital strategy reviewed the goals and objectives for the newly designed and developed website. We also took a careful look at what marketing channels would be leveraged to promote the site and the product line. Doing this ensures that the site is built in a manner that will support the growth of the business and drive overall success.

Social Media Campaigns

This ad campaign was specifically designed to accomplish two things. First, to announce product availability at the Whole Foods store in Albany, NY. Second, was to provide a preview of the product, and illustrate the fresh ingredients, the delicious end result, ease of cooking, and finally what the product looks like on the shelves.