Raimondi Strength & Conditioning


Starting Strength Coach

Individualized, effective strength training to help you in everyday life..


Raimondi Strength & Conditioning focuses on the starting
strength methodology of wellness. They are launching a new
gym in the midwest and needed help with business strategy,
marketing deployment and website design and development.
So far we have developed out a compelling brand identity,
launched their first iteration of their website and created logo

Next up? As they prepare to open their first location in the fall
of 2017, Cora+Krist will be working with them on generating
demand and awareness with the goal of creating and
maintaining a waitlist of interested clientele to fuel growth.

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Logo Design & Branding

Logo Wear & Merchandise

Collateral Design

  • Daniel Raimondi
    Daniel RaimondiOwner, Raimondi Strength & Conditioning

    “As a small business owner, working with Cora+Krist has enabled me to create an email, social, and digital advertising presence, allowing me to grow my business at a scalable and manageable pace.”

  • Daniel Ramondi
    Daniel RamondiOwner, Raimondi Strength and Conditioning

    “In my business, a sleek, well-designed website can separate the mediocre gyms from the exceptional. My site isn’t just a place for information It tells a story to our potential clients about who we are, what we stand for, and why they should train with us. Cora+Krist made this possible and has been an invaluable resource in taking our business to the next level!”