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How do you get attention for your listings when the market
is tight? You innovate with new media and new targeting techniques. Our collaborative approach to the marketing strategy for PrimeSitesCT combines our marketing and media
expertise with PrimeSitesCT’s real estate selling expertise. The combination has created fresh ways to sell and market real estate. From videos that showcase renovation and landscaping opportunities, to hyper-targeted social media marketing to drive awareness and even well-designed advertisements in the local newspaper. The key is getting potential buyers through the door, and together we have succeeded in doing just that.

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Property Opportunity
Presented Through Video

Print & Social Advertising

In a local market, it’s important to be where your audience is. When it comes to real estate, a large portion of the local market in Greenwich, Connecticut still reads the real-estate guides. Print advertising placements along with targeted social media promotions got the attention this client’s listings deserved.

Listing Packet Design

  • Sabine H. Schoenberg
    Sabine H. SchoenbergOwner/Broker, PrimeSites, Inc.

    “Marketing real estate is a constantly changing environment, the constant collaboration with the Cora+Krist team has helped us market properties in innovative ways with video, storytelling, and spreading awareness through a variety of digital marketing tools. The result of these efforts is a reputation as one of the most innovative real-estate firms in Greenwich.”

  • Sabine H. Schoenberg
    Sabine H. SchoenbergOwner/Broker, PrimeSites, Inc.

    “As an independent real estate brokerage/agency it is critical to stand out and differentiate in a highly competitive market. Cora+Krist not only built us a beautiful website but made sure it was strategized in a way that ensured we were seen as a forward-thinking and innovative real estate firm.”