Joy Bauer


Daytime’s Star Nutritionist

Life is hard, food should be easy


Our favorite agency partner, Lilypod Media, once again partnered with Cora+Krist to collaborate on a new look and new approach for a dynamic TV personality. We started by looking at the brand design and art direction and re-imagined the brand architecture for JOY Bauer and in the process created a fresh new look that included an adaptive logo and refined color, typographical, and graphic elements that perfectly reflects who Joy Bauer is today.

Next, the digital strategy sought to look deep into the JOY Bauer online offering and developed an approach that allows JOY Bauer to not just inform, but actively engage her audience. The new platform strategy includes not just articles and recipes, but an interactive healthy lifestyle subscription site that we know her audience will love.

It’s one thing to build a unique and dynamic online presence, but it’s another thing to drive awareness and engagement. For the marketing strategy, we thought outside of the box to develop unique ways that the JOY Bauer brand could create, segment, and target specific niche audiences within their fan base. From email to social and display re-marketing. We addressed it all.

To round out the engagement, we looked at Joy’s monetization strategy. A personality like JOY Bauer comes with some major opportunities. With influencer marketing as a growing commodity, we helped identify and strategize offerings that would drive her brand’s value to new heights.

Brand Design & Art Direction

We created a unique approach to the JOY Bauer brand identity and related art direction. The logo plays off the unique aesthetic of the word and meaning of “JOY”. The “O” presented an opportunity to adapt to varying needs, applications, and environments. You’ll notice that several illustrated and pictorial objects are placed within the location of the “O” to further drive representation of the brand promise of a healthy lifestyle.

Branding Elements

The colors, typography, graphic elements and photography style were carefully selected to enhance both the JOY Bauer personality as well as the overall digital experience. Because JOY Bauer is a major part of her brand, we ensured that the colors were representative of what she might wear and what would flatter her the most. The typography is simple, yet elegant and playful at the same time. Graphic elements are whimsical and fun, and photography is inviting, soft, and colorful.

Branding In Application

For a brand like JOY Bauer, products can play an important part in the business, monetization, and general promotion strategy. Here we envision ways that the JOY Bauer logo and brand might apply to various applicable products.

Social Graphics

JOY Bauer has a huge audience on social media. We envisioned ways that her most popular postings could be presented to reflect the uniqueness of this new brand identity.

Website Design

The website design sought to engage Joy’s personality directly. By infusing the experience with color and vibrant images of JOY, the audience is able to form a more intimate relationship with her personality. Note how we seamlessly integrate advertisements, social and article presentations.

Digital Strategy

When approaching the prospect of rebuilding the Joy Bauer website, we took the opportunity to reimagine how we might approach the architecture and user experience while unifying multiple properties into one concise hub of information. The following page provides a highlight of the deliverables created to guide this effort.

Marketing Strategy

For the marketing strategy we looked at ways in which JOY Bauer could leverage existing email lists and social audiences to further promote and
engage the brand. We identified email activation themes and schedules along with layout and approach to email design. We also looked at ways to leverage re-marketing techniques to further amplify and re-engage with the audience both on social and across the Google Display Network.

Monetization Strategy

With any business, the key is monetization. In unique cases like JOY Bauer, that monetization opportunity can play itself out in the digital space. We explored a number of ways that JOY Bauer could incorporate partnerships, sponsorships, and affiliate programs into her digital presence. We even provided guidance on pricing strategy for these vehicles as well as an overall pricing and modeling strategy for the revised subscription service.