Chefs’ Table for Lovin’ Spoonfuls


A New Charity Event

Celebrity Chefs Benefit Lovin’ Spoonsfuls


Lovin’ Spoonfuls is a non-profit in Boston, Massachusetts focused on food recovery for those in need. Their signature event “The Tailgate Party” is incredibly successful and they wanted to introduce another major event concept to their fundraising activities. The concept was simple, a celebrity chef dinner. But what to call the new event, it’s brand identity and material design was up in the air.

This is where the teams of Cora+Krist and Lilypod Media came together to work our magic. Through a highly collaborative process, we worked closely to define the style for the event, a memorable name, and a design scheme that would naturally tie to previous events while standing out on its own.

We’ll let the work below speak for itself.

Event Naming Strategy

We take a detailed approach to uncovering the right brand name for our clients. It starts by understanding the core values, brainstorming the options and doing the research to ensure that the name is unique and stands out by securing a domain and social profiles.

Logo Design and Brand Identity

Modern and contemporary. The typography provides a nod to more modern, clean line sensibilities with a circle that references both the circular notion of the dinner table at the event an also a dinner plate. The apostrophe is presented as a spoon to provide a visual connection to the parent brand Lovin’ Spoonfuls.

Collateral Design & Development

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Lovin’ Spoonfuls to bring this exciting new event to life, here are just a few of the collateral pieces created for the event.