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Can Main Street Still Win In Today’s Competitive Market?

The answer is yes, Main Street can still win in today’s competitive market. What’s the key? Stay local with Social Advertising.

We are seeing major challenges with small and medium-sized companies struggling to gain ground on corporate giants who are dominating advertising share nationally. Smaller, locally focused businesses and companies are, however, able to gain ground and surpass expectations when deploying campaigns that are micro-targeted across social media, Google’s ad network, and localized paid search targeting.

Over the last year, we’ve been working with several small to medium size businesses to diversify and fine-tune their targeting strategies. What we’ve been able to see is a higher saturation rate with audiences that matter, thus bringing in more traffic and more potential customers. These campaigns are receiving incredibly competitive traffic (as low as $0.25 a click) and lead generation (as low as $3 per lead) results with carefully targeted local campaigns that speak to specific audience needs.

Here are three easy ways you can win with localized digital ad campaigns.

  1. Focus on very specific audience targets in Facebook’s or Google’s ad platform. Think carefully about what each of your products or services is geared towards (your ideal customer) and build your campaigns around that.
  2. Focus on what motivates your audience to take action. Is it happy hour? A limited time discount? BOGO with a friend? A strong offer is much more likely to drive a measurable result.
  3. Consider using the lead generation ad type to build your email marketing efforts. A quick email submission form to access a coupon is a great way to do this.

We’ve done this recently for a regional food distributor, a photographer, and a real estate office. The campaigns have delivered results that exceeded the client’s expectations and ensured local audiences were aware of their services and products.

If you have been struggling with digital marketing efforts, please do reach out. Our team will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy that will maximize your marketing investment and drive real business value.

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